Sabrina’s Hand Printed Art Cards

Set of 4 Greeting Cards $14

Greeting cards printed on Strathmore Deckle Edge 5”x 6.88”.  Blank inside for your own message. Each comes with 5.25” x 7.25” white envelope.

Check back often for more designs and colors.

Our Art Cards

The Art Card Process

Sabrina draws her design in pencil on paper and then transfers it to the carving block. Carving tools allow her to cut away any parts that she wants to remain free of ink.

Using printing inks, Sabrina mixes colors to customize each set of prints. A roller is used to apply ink to the print block. Each card is pressed by hand onto the block and carefully peeled away to reveal the print. The print block must be reinked for each card.

Sabrina prints in small batches. No two prints are exactly alike, and she mixes colors specifically for each run of cards.

For black ink prints, single color prints, or other custom color requests, email Sabrina at

Preparing the roller with ink

Peeling a print from the block