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Captain Mike's
Chicken & Andouille
(or Sausage) Gumbo
TBSP. Salt
Bay Leaves
1 1/2
Gallons Water
1 1/2
Pounds Smoked Sausage (Andouille if Available)
Medium-Large White Onions - Chopped
2 1/2
Pounds Deboned Chicken (Save carcass for stock)
Bunch Green Onions - Chopped
TBSP. Pickapeppa Sauce (or any Jamaican style sauce)
Ribs Celery - Chopped
TBSP. Lea & Perrins (or any Worsteshire sauce)
Toes Garlic - Minced
TBSP. Captain Mike's cooking seasoning mix
For The Roux:
4 TBSP. Cooking Oil
7 TBSP. Flour
For The Stock:
  Add 1 TBSP. salt to 1 1/2 gallons of water, bring to a fast simmer, add Bay leaves and chicken carcass. Simmer for an hour or so. When done, skim off fat, strain debris out. Set aside and keep hot.
Captain's Log:
How to Make a Roux:

Heat oil in heavy skillet on a low to medium flame. Add flour slowly, stirring, with a whisk or slotted spoon. The Roux cannot be left unattended, it must be constantly stirred so that the flour browns evenly. The process should take about 40 minutes, depending on the amount of heat used. Cook the Roux until it is a deep, dark brown, almost the color of black coffee. Turn off heat, continue stirring until skillet cools for the browning to stop. Set aside and pour off excess oil.

Note: If the Roux burns, discard. Never attempt to salvage a Roux that is burned. Burning a Roux after spending 45 minutes to make it will teach you how far you can go with browning a Roux. This is a valuable skill to have when preparing authentic Cajun and Creole dishes, some of which require the darkest Roux possible, as in this recipe. Some dishes, such as Crawfish Etouffé work better with a Roux that is not so dark.

Debone the chicken and discard the skin. Make a stock with the carcass. You can supplement the deboned chicken you have with Boneless Chicken Breast to get the amount you need. Cut chicken and sausage into bite size pieces. In a heavy stock pot or Dutch oven, brown sausage and chicken in a little oil over a medium flame. Start the Roux at this time in another skillet. (Note: If you are uncomfortable making a Roux and doing the procedure a the same tie, then make the Roux ahead of time.) Start with the sausage first. Brown well, but not harsh, then add chicken. When Chicken begins to brown, sprinkle in about a teaspoon of Captain Mike'sSeasoning. When chicken is lightly browned, remove and set aside. Depending on how much fat was in the sausage, you may have to add a little more oil. Add onions and celery, reduce heat and sauté until clear. Add green onions. When limp stir in garlic, sauté 5 minutes and add stock, raising heat blending well. Bring to a slow boil and stir in Roux, mixing thoroughly for 20 minutes. Add Pickapeppa and Worsteshire sauce and stir in 2 tsps of Captain Mike's cooking seasoning mix. Add the chicken and sausage, cover pot and simmer for 1 hour, stirring occasionally. Turn off heat and let stand 15 minutes, skin off any oil. Serve over Rice.

Approximate serving as entrée 8

Approximate serving as soup 16

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