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Captain Mike's
Shrimp Boat

The Captain Carroll

The Captain Carroll
The Captain Carroll
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Constructed in 1946, the Captain Carroll is one of the few remaining old style wooden luggers left in existence, let alone still working. The boat is constructed of old growth cypress in the hull, ribs and timbers; treated pine decking and mahogany in the bulwarks. The Capt. Carroll is among the last of the round bottom, rounded stern boats built on a centuries old design that the Cajuns brought with them from Nova Scotia. The boat has its original pilot house, still using the "one man clutch" engaging a 2:1 twin disc gear to a 671 GM Diesel.

Top Speed: 10 knots
Fuel Capacity: 325 gallons
Freshwater: 100 gallons

There is a galley with a butane stove and the pilot house is outfitted with full electronics, hydraulics and two bunk beds.

The boat has a 3600 lb ice hold. The deck is 41' long and 12' wide.

Presently the vessel is rigged with skimmer nets for catching shrimp. It can be re-rigged or de-rigged to accommodate any configuration such as:

The Captain Carroll
Captain Mike at work.
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- Pleasure Craft
- Smuggler
- Charter Boat
- Work Boat

Contact Captain Mike Hymel (owner/operator) for more details including renting the boat for parties, for research cruises or for use in your next film, commercial or marketing campaign.

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