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To provide seasonings of a superior quality, Captain Mike's spice blend recipes call for the use of fresh, all natural ground spices and granulated seasonings. Never overpowering, our spice blend mixes can be used on all meat, seafood and poultry as well as in vegetable dishes, soups and casseroles.

Cajun seasoning ingredients: granulated onion and garlic, salt, cayenne pepper, white pepper, black pepper, sweet basil, bay leaf, oregano and thyme.

About Our Spice Blend Mixes

msg free foods - no monosodium glutamate is a harmonic spice blend mix of all natural seasonings and spices. All of our seasoning blends are low in Sodium and contain no monosodium glutamate (great for preparing msg free foods & meals). For those who are on a no salt diet, we also offer a salt free blend which is ideal for anyone following no salt recipes. We use all natural ground spices and granulated seasonings to produce a better quality blend. As a result, our seasonings are more robust in flavor, remain free flowing longer and have a greater shelf life.

Never overpowering, our seasonings blends recipes have a true Creole or South Louisiana character. Also, using Captain Mike's Seasoning leaves "room" in a recipe for more "heat" or spice or any particular ethnic flavoring. Our mixes can be used on all meat, seafood and poultry, as well as in vegetable dishes, soups, casseroles and dips. Captain Mike's Seasoning contains ten ingredients and is among the very few, quite possibly the only seasoning from Louisiana to list each one on the label. Captain Mike's comes packed in 8.5 oz. clear plastic jars with black caps and freshness seals. Net weight is 6.5 oz.

For more about our "NO SALT" version of the original as well as our "EXTRA SPICY" blend and the other mixes, click here.

About Our Company

Barataria Spice Co. has been owned and operated by Mike Hymel since 1993.

Our purpose is to provide the highest quality spice blend mixes for the fairest possible price. Our marketing method is to get our product to the people through live demonstration, free samples, recipes and good word of mouth. We strive to maintain a high degree of service by providing our customers with whatever amount of product which suits their needs, whenever and wherever they need it.

Our aim is to promote Louisiana as a quality state, where quality products and services originate.

Yours truly,

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